Box Build and Wiring Harness

Cable and Harnesses

American Precision Fabricators (APF) offers our clients a wide range of services in metal fabrication, like box build. This means that we use metal fabricating processes to make a metal box that needs cables or harnesses installed in them.

APF provides this type of service in its EMS cell/department.

Our precision and techniques are unique to our company and we are happy to share our services with you on your next project.

Cabling requires a knack for the details and extreme precision. These are two aspects of our company we take very seriously, and train our professionals to watch for any imperfections or inconsistencies in the manufacturing process of the cable assembly and custom cable assemblies.

What cabling services we offer?

Cable assembly and cable services can pose a challenge for companies who don’t have detailed project management and seamless operation management. This is not the case at American Precision Fabricators. We create flawless cables and harness assemblies that will perform for years because of the expert craftsmanship.

Our process is two-fold for cable and harness assembly. We embark on one part automation from our machines, and a second part which involves the human eye and human hands to inspect the job the machine has done. If all is flawless, we then can assemble further and ship to you.

Cable, Box Build
Cable, Box Build

Providing solutions for Electronics

We provide custom connectivity solutions for electronic devices and custom cabling. We offer connectors and cable connectivity options that produce an optimum performance. Poor cabling will devastate a project, so don’t be on the wrong end of creating a project with a company that doesn’t have experience in the cabling industry.

American Precision Fabricators provide solutions for cables and connectors of all kinds, including semi-rigid cables that are assembled to your specifications and requirements. Our team will check and double check our work before sending anything out to you or your business.

Custom wire harness services

Part of our job is to encourage customers to request custom wire harness building for their next project. We are able to manufacture custom wire harnesses based on very specific requests and measurements/dimensions that are needed to craft the final harness and have it ready for installation.

American Precision Fabricators oversee and commit to the highest quality and customer satisfaction by physically designing and handing the specifics of a project from the pitch to the final product. We build and manufacture harnesses by employing the following techniques:

  • Crimping
  • Folding
  • Cutting
  • Stripping
  • Smoldering
  • Welding
Box Build and Wiring Harness
Wiring Harness 3

Wire harness assembly

Wire harness assembly is a specialized skill that is crucial for many industries, and trusted fabricators from American Precision Fabricators serve as the best and most trusted specialists in the industry to manufacture and assemble your custom or wire harness project.

At American Precision Fabricators, we pride ourselves on the ability to create exactly what you want from exact specifications and measurements. No matter which size or configuration you have in mind, we can produce it. We fully test our finished product after assembly to make sure the quality is optimum for distribution.

Our shop creates custom wiring harnesses to your specifications, standard models, test cables, and offers wire assemblies, including small gauge, tipped wires, and extensive testing to make sure our product will hold up to above average wear and weight.

About our box build assembly

American Precision Fabricators has designed and manufactured box builds for over 15 years, and we believe with our high-quality materials and extensive training our technicians and team members receive, we send out the best quality box builds in the industry.

We provide our customers with box build services including enclosures for PCB assemblies among other service providers and industries that require box building products. Our fabrication is done in a way that is both jointly automated and overseen by our technicians who know just what to look for and test to make sure our customers are getting the highest quality product on the market.

Our assembly team is committed to high-quality excellence when it comes to manufacturing and assembly, showcasing our wide range of specialties within your box build project. We are in constant contact with our customers along the project timeline to ensure all aspects of a build are being performed to the highest of standards.

Wiring Harness 4
Cable, Box Build

Why choose American Precision Fabricators for cables, harness and box build?

American Precision Fabricators is a publicly owned and managed company that has electronic plants in California. We’re operating in the industry for over 15 years. We offer our services in cables and harnesses that include standard cables, as well as custom assembly. Our made in the United States promise ensures that you’ll receive competitive pricing and high-quality manufacturing, every time!

Contact us today for your questions about our cabling process, or to receive a quote regarding your next project. Our friendly customer service staff is eager to help you begin your next project or endeavor.

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