APF has state of the art sheet metal machines and equipment with the latest technology. American Precision Fabricators provides only the best equipment, staff, and services for our customers who require sheet metal fabrication.

What does our manufacturing process
look like?

In the manufacturing process, sheet metal is used to create parts and pieces from an extremely durable and strong material. This often means that if corners are cut and precision isn’t intentional, the piece will not fit into the final product a customer needs. American Precision Fabricators ALWAYS produces only the finest and most precise pieces because we understand how important it is to get the project done right the first time!

How is our process unique?

Our sheet metal technology is unique, as we only manufacture our parts and devices right here in the United States. We also employ only the best and most experienced employees, who are expertly trained to work as sheet metal workers. Sheet metal process involves manufacturing and assembly of a device or item, fabrication, installing or reinstalling a part or a device, and repair and refurbishment.

American Precision Fabricators wants to help you with the next project you are creating. Whether you are a small business, individual, or huge brand, our technology will absolutely create the result you wish to achieve.


American Precision Fabricators promises you complete satisfaction!

APF has extensive experience that puts us at the forefront of the industry in the United States.

If you have any questions about our sheet metal fabrication services, or about our sheet metal industry in general, give us a call, today!

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