L3 Salvagnini Lasers with Fiber Optics

Precision cut laser with fiber optic technology at American Precision Fabricators allows our production lines to produce high-quality and accurate plant work orders. Since we employ state of the art technology, our process has been streamlined in a way that not only gets your BOM parts out to you fast, but they also come with precision accuracy the first time.

The L3 Salvagnini serial number L0409 is the machine used at APF primarily for laser cutting metal into a shape per the specification production work order. The L3 Salvagnini uses a 3000 Fiber Optic Laser to produce the high-quality product pieces built to order.



  • Laser is capable of cutting up to .5 an inch thick Steel and .4 inch
    thick SST
  • We can provide an hourly quote for our laser department services. If
    you have further questions about pricing or need a quote for your
    project, please call our estimators /customer service
    representatives and work with one of our friendly team members to
    get your needs met!

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