Folding services and technology is a competitive and ever-evolving service, and American Precision Fabricators is constantly growing to keep up with the demands of a precision industry. We love creating new and exciting products, panels, and devices using commercial folding and industrial folding services we provide in-house.

Our folding service includes the use of two important factors: our expert-trained staff and our new, high-quality machines that make the work exactly to the measurements and requirements our customers request. Commercial and industrial folding are vastly different services, and we understand how to manage, manufacture, and create both.

What folding services do we provide?

For any project, a folding service industrial or commercial involves bending some of the strongest materials in the industry, to fix and form in a permanent orientation for your project. Our machines use a controlled process of bending these materials to conform to the measurements and requirements of any customer’s wants or needs.

Folding requires the highest quality machines for the job, and at American Precision Fabricators we put our machines to the test on a regular basis. We also have our employees and managers overseeing all projects from start to finish. If they catch a potential issue, the job is restarted, no matter what.

What makes American Precision Fabricators experts in folding services?

Our folding process is performed by two Ciden Folding Machines that are now part of our large inventory. These machines are top-rated models and are used for our customers who need strength, performance, and precision. Both of our Ciden Folding Machines work with advanced CNC control and sectionalized tooling, giving us the capability of making bends a press break could only dream of.

In addition to our machines, our parts are all American made and manufactured, which gives us a unique edge in an industry where other companies often ship their projects abroad. Because we are making and manufacturing your parts and devices within the United States, we are able to offer competitive rates for our loyal customers.

Why choose us for your commercial or industrial folding project?

We have provided thousands of customers with a quality service that cannot be duplicated at any other facility. Our team members are all expertly trained, whether it is customer service, front desk administration, welding, manufacturing and fabrication services. We have founded our company on principles of Time , Tools, and Training to produce high-quality work and expert service.

As a trusted expert in the industry, we want you to call us. We are happy to put our Ciden Folding machines to the test to see just how precise they will create the part, device or panel that will work perfectly within your project.

With high-quality, expert and precise folding services, alongside our trained team members, you are bound to have a timely, friendly, and all around positive experience when you decide to work with us. We are here to answer any questions you have or provide you with an accurate quote for your next project. Call us, today!

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