At American Precision Fabricators, we pride ourselves on the wide range of assembly services for metal fabricated parts or EMS (electro-mechanical) parts, such as wiring and harnesses.

What do we use for assembly technology?

Our in-shop technicians are trained to assemble any final product and only use the best, highest-quality precision tools and equipment, to take custom parts, components, and devices and assemble to completion. Our team is trained to perform per specifications that will ensure your product is built and molded to perfection.

We use a combination of human hands and intelligence with software and technology to take custom projects to completion. Some of the technology we use includes:

  • Specialized software for sheet works and fabrication
  • Computer modeling
  • Specialized and precise brake operations
  • Highly technical machines that guide the modeling and building process
  • Cable and harness assembly

Why choose American Precision Fabricators?

We train and employ only the finest assembly technicians, so you can rest assured that your project is in the best hands possible. If you have more questions about our assembly technology or simply want to pitch your project, give us a call, today!

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